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Christians want to grow in their faith and relationship with God.

Sadly, many Christians' discipleship experience isn't all they want or need. Now, with Podcast Seminary, you can learn essential discipleship content, taught comprehensively and systematically by the Podcast Seminary Dean, Freddy Cardoza. This is your opportunity to be taught discipleship content by a seasoned pastor-professor, and to receive the instruction you need to build your mind with a powerful understanding of truth and the Christian worldview.

Unique in its approach, Podcast Seminary is the first-known podcast-based discipleship resource. It allows you to listen to life-changing audio courses on the go, with or without an Internet connection, on your computer, laptop, smart phone, or any mp3 device! Priced similar to an audiobook, you get an abbreviated seminary-like course on one of many stimulating topics, with more being released regularly! Check out our available courses (updated monthly).

About the Dean and Course Professor

Dr. Freddy Cardoza holds an earned Ph.D. (Leadership, Southern Seminary) and completed all coursework for the Ed.D. (Doctor of Education) in Christian Education. He is a full-time seminary professor, graduate program director, and serves as the Executive Director of an academic society for Christian Education professors. He has taught over 20 years in accredited Christian higher-education colleges, universities, and seminaries, and has served 20 years in local church pastoral positions.